Tiny Grimes

Tiny Grimes Guitar

The “Tiny Grimes” is a half-size guitar that I started making in 1979, named after the legendary jazz guitarist.  Some players tune this big-sounding litttle guy A to A, but it can also be strung E to E (standard tuning).

These instruments are constructed using the finest tonewoods, with the highly figured sides and backs being cut from the same board. This gives a perfect visual and tonal match.  The woods have been in my shop for at least 10 years. In the case of the koa ukuleles, the top, sides and back are all cut from the same board.  I prefer the appearance and tonal quality of wood binding and purfling, but plastic is available upon request.

Scale lengths, nut widths, neck sizes, etc are standard, but customizable. Please inquire.

For an explanation of the double hole soundboard design, click here.