Clients and Testimonials


  • George Benson (4 guitars)
  • Henry Allen92 guitars)
  • Leo Kottke
  • Henry Kaiser
  • John Pearse (2 guitars)
  • Keola Beamer (5 guitars)
  • Walter Becker (Steely Dan)(8 guitars)
  • Steve Miller (7 guitars)
  • Scott Chinery(3 guitars)
  • Barry Flanagan (Hapa) (2 guitars, 1 tenor Uke)
  • John Trino (2 guitars)
  • Bob Bangerter
  • Larry Coryell (2 guitars)
  • Willie Nelson
  • Patrick Simmons (Doobie Bros.)
  • Larry McGee (Pittsburgh Jazz Hall Of Fame)
  • Hank Marvin

Many of these clients have their own websites which can be found by visiting the LINKS page.


“The sound of the guitar is truly fantastic (acoustic and amplified)! The basses are powerful and very clear and the trebles are really clear and also powerful. The guitar is very well balanced and very easy to play. The tone range is impressive and the volume and sustain are very good. Aesthetically the guitar is superb! - Joćo Oliveira, Alges, Portugal. (Nylon string archtop.)

“Recently I got to play all but one of the arch tops in the ‘Blue Collection’ of Scott Chinery, and the quality was surprisingly high. Of those that I played, the out and out best was the one made by Steve Grimes in Hawaii. The two guitars he made for me are wonderful instruments.” - John Pearse - posting to acoustic guitar newsgroup. (Beamer, Jazz Nouveau)

“Steve, thanks so much for the guitar! Its the f_ _ _ing Steinway Grande of arch top guitars!”."- Bob Bangerter (Jazz Laureate)

“Thanks! You’ve created my dream guitar! The ‘OM’ size Beamer is way better than my expectations. The design, materials, execution, finish, set up....all score a 10+! “ - Larry Fineman.

“I truly love my new guitar! Its really beautiful and its going to be spectacular for recording. Its taking me to some wonderful new places and I am most appreciative of this great instrument!.” - Keola Beamer

“Steve, the guitar arrived safe and sound. It is absolutely stunning! Everything about it is more than I could have hoped for. The sound, look and feel of this guitar are great, but it is particularly the sound that is so enticing! It resonates in a way unlike any other instrument I own.” - Stephen Sano, Dept. of Music, Stanford University (“OM” size Beamer model)

“What a great guitar! It has that incredible richness that makes it wonderful for recording. The harmonics are great, and even the double octave false harmonics are there. I don’t know if you could make it any better." - Larry Coryell (Jazz Laureate)

“For me, this guitar was like finding the holy grail of tone, combined with master workmanship, the best I’ve ever heard and seen. Having a couple of your guitars I expected nothing short of amazing, but it“s always nice when you exceed customers expectations. Fantastic guitar-thanks!!" - Lars Hallbäck , Skara, Sweden (Jazz Laureate)

“Stephen, thanks you so much for the Montreux guitar. It is so incredible loud and sweet that I wanted. Its makes for me very happy that I play it.” - Naoyuki Ogawa, Tokyo

“Your craftmanship is wonderful and I appreciate how you followed my order to a "t".  The guitar plays and sounds wonderful. The koa is the most beautiful I've ever seen.” - Jonathan Zeko

“First of all,congratulations on a job well done. The Jazz Nouveau made every thing else I own look & sound like stage props,lots of lacquer, etc I'm considering a flat top now,how about it?” - Lulu Santos, Brazil

“The guitar you made for me is the only one I play now. My other guitars are sweet instruments, but do not have the range of the Grimes doublehole.  Thanks!!.” - Michael Sandy, Bankok/ Thailand

“The Laureate has a strong resonance and ringing characteristics without a trace of harshness." - Scott Chinery

“The ‘Grimes’ possesses an almost unattainable combination of brilliance,power, sweetness and balance, while never being brash or harsh." - Wayne Wesley Johnson

George Benson in the Studio 


Keola Beamer


Larry Coryell, at the Bottom Line
NYC, with LC Model
(click image to enlarge)


Willie Nelson in Concert


Pat Simmons


Leo Kottke - with the Jazz Nouveau in the studio

George Benson Playing Blue Jazz Laureate

Barry Flanagan with a Beamer Steel String

Larry Coryell with the Grimes designed Cort
"Larry Coryell" model

The Grimes ‘Jazz Laureate’ guitar recently had a year long exhibition in the Smithsonian Museum of American History in Washington, D.C. as part of the commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the arch top guitar.

  • Member of the Guild of American Luthiers since 1976.

  • Member of Association of Stringed Instrument Artisans (A.S.I.A.) since inception, 1988.


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