Aloha friends,

I would like to personally invite you to a party here on Maui. This celebration is called “The One Grand Party”, and I will be celebrating instrument #1000.  I’m inviting all the customers I’ve had in the past 47 years, whether or not you still own your instrument. Guitar, mandolin and ukulele aficionados with a passion for high quality custom instruments are also invited.


The venue is the King Kamehameha Golf Club, Waikapu Ballroom (designed by Frank Lloyd Wright) – see attached poster.  The view from this ballroom is one of the most spectacular vistas on the island of  Maui:


There will be a display of my instruments, including my first one – a mandolin finished in 1974 – and my first archtop guitar, which is being brought to the party and played by Stephen Geyer, who commissioned it in 1974. I’ll also have 10 or so new instruments including ukuleles, flat top guitars, and arch top guitars.  If you’d like a sneak preview, please inquire.


Number one thousand will be a very special, new custom model flat top guitar called the Freehand Artist model, and is scheduled to be completed by mid January 2020. It’s being made from very rare wood (Brazilian Rosewood and German spruce) that I’ve been wanting to use for 30+ years. I will do a silent auction beginning online a few weeks before the party, and the auction will be completed at the event. Also being constructed from the same wood (from the same board) is the Freehand Artist tenor ukulele.  Check out some photos of the guitar at


Musically, we’ll start off with a set of jazz, played by some of the top players on the planet, followed by short sets by the acoustic duo of “2ality”, Ron Metoyer’s Blues, Rock and Soul Review, The Jimmie Dillon Band, Ono Grimes Band, and some amazing special guests!  A film and production crew will be there getting footage and interviews for an upcoming documentary on the past, present, and future of Grimes Guitars! Very exciting to say the least!  There are some  other fun and surprising things on the program too.


There will be food for all attendees. Not a fancy sit-down dinner, but  the venue does provide very tasty food.  Vegetarian dishes are also going to be available.


The date is February 29, 2020. Party time is 6PM – 10PM. Tickets are $50 and available at:

The event is an invitation event. If it is not sold out, tickets will  also be available at the door.  I would advise against waiting to purchase at the door because this event will most likely sell out head of time (room capacity).

Dress is Aloha wear (casual).

The website for the event is

Hope to see you in February!

King Kamehameha Golf Club,Waikapu Ballroom
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